About us

Currently CryptoBandit offers two product lines.
CB Street and Cute-Si! In addition we offer a partner ship for both Streamers and Blockchain technologies. For streamers we can help provide you merchandise options and an online page to display and sell them. We aim to help make your merchandise a bit more affordable, so that you can offer your subscribers reasonable options. We also offer similar service for Crypto Technologies so they can bring awareness to their target audience with nice merchandise options.

CryptoBandit is the creation of two individuals with dream? We could sit here and tell you that we always dreamed about building a clothing store and wanted to be the brand of a generation. Truth be told, we are much like you. We work very hard for what we have in life and are hustling to see our future be a success. Fashion and creation happen to be something that we enjoy.  With this business that is CryptoBandit, we aim to take what we learned in our day to day careers and apply that to how we do business and how we treat our customers.

Ruben, the main owner and operator, comes into this project with over a decade of technical and service experience. In addition Ruben is still striving to gain as much knowledge in internet hosting, marketing and technical expertise, as possible. Ruben currently works as a Technical Expert helping people with their Websites and E-commerce solutions. As an Musician in his leisure, the creation of unique and artistic designs is an easy parallel. 

Our second founder Coley, comes into this project with over a decade of service to our Country. She is currently serving in the Army as an active duty Preventive Medicine Specialist. In her spare time you could find her putting together art projects. They include crocheting, making jewelry, creating designs and just about anything crafty.  Without her direction, CryptoBandit would absolutely not be possible. 

Providing excellent quality products and service are two of the most important things to us. Everyone deserves World Class service, which we strive to provide. In addition, we seek to treat those that help us reach our goals fairly. We would not be able to continue doing business without taking care of our customers, or people who work for us. With that in mind we plan on applying these morals to how we do business.

Thank you for reading.